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It is said that everybody is student forever in the life. There are different phases and aspects where we go on learning various lessons. On the account of various experiences, similarly I was sailing in the same boat. While graduating I was magnetized by various arts fields. My mind always used to float in Music, Dance,   Artistic Movies and traditional art.

I am basically born and brought up in  Hindu family, my name before marriage was Pranali Shantaram Mengade.. I was fortunate to have educational background. I completed my 12th std and started tapping Art field. My father who had a profound vision supported me whole heartedly and ultimately I took admission in art foundation course. With great efforts and deep study, I stood 2nd in my class which boosted my confidence. In the year 2000, I took admission in Bharati Arts College for GD Art Painting where I started melting in colours of life!

I don’t know, why? But somehow I was tempted towards realistic paintings and nature orientation was my basic instinct. In 2004, I decided the portrait subject as my specialization. I developed habit of observing different portraits and paintings by Great Artists. It helped me to read between the lines of various styles, different artist’s observation, their concentration and lot of patience, it definitely leads us to special path, charged with unique vibration and my mind dive deep into the creation of painting. Whenever I come out of this act I am completely drenched with complete happiness and satisfaction. What a unique experience? I have no words to express this situation!

In the year 2005 there was drastic change in my life. I got married with Somnath Harpude who is lawyer by profession but for me my ideal soul mate.

My Paintings

Most of the times, I ask myself that why my paintings are nature oriented? Then I realize that the Earth is a great teacher. When we observe nature & realize that we are an integral part of this incredible wonder. Our life can be immensely enriched. My paintings are symbol of tremendous contentment. It is spontaneous act, without any definite plans. It is very difficult task to express paintings in words. In fact, to express paintings we don’t need words; we need colors, brushes and canvas.

Painting is the only media found by me to express my feelings, emotions and thus spread inner vision of life to the whole World! My Style: My style of painting depends on the mood and thoughts vibrating through me. Sometimes there are small figures and sometimes in close up but dark one & background is big & splendid. The angle chosen by me is usually top or sometimes side view. The colors applied by me totally depend on the intensity of situation.

I always love to make my painting as transparent as possible. Even sometimes I prefer opaque on canvas. Lines, color, shapes and application are the main criteria I focus usually in my painting. The most passionate part of me in painting is strokes while coloring. I always give priority for flat application.

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