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Colonel Sheremetev, who had also been sitting at the table had his chest crushed, and died of this injury several years later. I can also remember that it made a very strong impression on me that the servant who had come in with the semolina pudding just as the accident happened had had his face and hands covered in it, and had been really seriously burnt. The hours following the accident were terrible. I will never forget them. It took as long as five hours before help reached us. We had no bandages because the carriage where the first aid supplies were had been shattered and the chemist himself had been killed on the spot.

Now and then, Grandmother would take me for a walk in the park and show me the flowers. She taught me how to tie a bouquet. ’ She taught me to love flowers and colours even more than I already did. Grandmother was especially fond of roses, and every morning during the last years we stayed at Bernstorff, she would walk around in her rose garden and cut off the most beautiful flowers and put them in her basket. When she came home, she would put them in small glass vases – one by one. There were flowers everywhere in her rooms.

It was, incidentally, not exactly cosy there. I remember that we had a fencing instructor, who was so frightened of being up there in the dark corridors that he always waited down below until he was called for. It was evident that he did not believe that a skill in the use of arms was of any use against ghosts. Every late summer we would either go on a trip to the Crimea or Denmark, Mother’s homeland. The journey to Copenhagen was undertaken on the Imperial yacht. It was a beautiful old paddle steamer, which rolled terribly as soon as it was stormy weather – and it almost always was!

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