Download e-book for iPad: 60 Years in East Africa. Life of a Settler 1926 to 1986 by Gord Breedyk, Wayne Tebb, Werner Voight, Werner Voigt

By Gord Breedyk, Wayne Tebb, Werner Voight, Werner Voigt

The notable tale of a guy who used to be born in Germany and made up our minds, as a tender guy, to to migrate to Africa.  His publication describes sixty years studies as a settler, durning which he built plantations for his staff and at last for himself.  He and his family members skilled many hardships, disappointments and rewards whereas dwelling in East Africa from 1926 to 1986.

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For a few months following graduation, I worked on the college farm. One day I was called to the telephone. “It’s urgent,” they told me. ” The caller turned out to be none other than the director of the College, Professor Fabarius. “Mr. Voigt,” he asked me, “do you want to go to East Africa? If so, you’ll have to go immediately to Berlin and see Dr. Hindorf. ” Well, that was a surprise! Germany was still in the throes of massive inflation. People literally needed wheelbarrows full of money to buy food.

We children could sense that something was wrong. At last it was made official: Germany had lost the war. My father came back, very thin and exhausted, but luckily still alive. At school, shortly after the war ended, they began to serve us children food at long tables—oats, cocoa, milk. We thankfully gobbled it down. Now I know that the food came through care packages from other countries, from the American Quakers, for example, who had taken it upon themselves to feed the undernourished children in Germany.

I was probably the first young German to go there after the war. The immigration formalities had been arranged by the company. I got the travelling documents, my railway and ship’s tickets and now I was ready to go. Soon I sat in the train to Genoa, very proud, travelling for the first time in second class. At that time, the railway had four classes. The first was too high and the fourth too low for me. After several hours I passed through Munich and then we came to the Alps. Further and further it went through these magnificent mountains to Genoa.

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60 Years in East Africa. Life of a Settler 1926 to 1986 by Gord Breedyk, Wayne Tebb, Werner Voight, Werner Voigt

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