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By Basil King

...Berkeley Noone, bothered with the incurable Hutchinson's ailment, has authorized the truth that he needs to die. part eagerly, part anxiously he waits for loss of life, in simple terms to event no demise; as a substitute, come to a translation right into a better, fuller type of lifestyles, during which new values sunrise, and into wich there looks a brand new radiant imaginative and prescient of God...Abraham's Bosom is a gorgeous and comforting little philosophy of religion and will be extra convincing to many readers than a few summary treatises at the topic.

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He reminded himself that he must hold on to his senses till he was deprived of them, and so made no effort to reply. Instead, he watched the spreading of the light that flooded the room and glorified its occupants. Wife and son and daughter were all beside him; but in that light they were different. They were also doing things he didn't clearly understand. All he knew was that he felt toward them an extraordinary tenderness, and that something similar came from them to him. "I suppose this must be dying," he said to himself, as he noticed that the new day had blotted out the sunlight.

It was a bright summer afternoon, with the sunshine streaming in at all the windows. The nurse had given the sign by summoning Emily; Emily had called Constantia; and Constantia, Beatrice and the boys. They all kissed him, and stood or sat about the bed, his wife holding one hand and Phil the other. He hardly knew by what signs they judged, since he felt but little weaker than on other days and not much more pain. They seemed to know, however, that the time had come, and to treat him a little like the jailers and sheriffs who notify the condemned that the supreme minute is approaching.

Just as the infant's capacity for sleep is beyond any other of its functions, so to those emerging from mortality the mere knowledge of safety is a reason for taking that perfect, delicious repose which the Man of Dust never permits to himself or to his children. It isn't sleep, for the reason that the true mind never has to relax. But not to have to be afraid any more!... Never again to have to worry or be anxious, or to fret oneself!... " So Berkeley Noone rejoiced and rested. It was occupation enough, it was happiness enough, to be getting the true meaning of his past.

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