Michael P. T. Leahy's Against Liberation: Putting Animals in Perspective (Volume PDF

By Michael P. T. Leahy

ISBN-10: 0203981235

ISBN-13: 9780203981238

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ISBN-13: 9780415103169

Simply by studying the stories of the folks (or might be the animals) who gave this ebook one-star, you can actually inform the emotional vitriol, the name-calling and histrionics that accompany thr so-called "animal rights" move. the purpose is that you simply cannot have rational discussions with those that equate the dying of six million Jews to the dying of six million chickens, that's what those humans think in. and that is the challenge - if you happen to disagree with them, you're "ignorant, "stupid" - and so on. so in case you are a pondering individual, take those experiences for what they are worthy. that is what is so irritating approximately this move - they use scare strategies, certainly downright terroristic recommendations, to get you to "convert" (it's no shock Hitler used to be a vegetarian animal-lover!) This ebook makes a well-argued, nuanced case and maybe it truly is attracting a lot hate-mail the reason is, it really is fairly reliable. it is simple to learn and makes first-class arguments.

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Rollin is thus immune to the many counter-intuitive implications that Frey draws from Singer’s position that the susceptibility to pain is a ‘prerequisite’ for having interests (Frey 1980:139–67). Rollin begins by dismissing the rock as of no concern; it lacks ‘real intrinsic unity’ and is dead matter. Singer, you will remember, similarly discounts the stone kicked along the road by a schoolboy as lacking interests because it cannot suffer. However, it must be noted, were the stone a priceless fragment of the Elgin Marbles it would be proper to object that it was not in its interests to be so treated and, following Frey (and Kenny, despite his calling it a ‘zoomorphic extension’ (1975:49), that it needed careful keeping in temperature-controlled conditions.

The most famous of these chimpanzees is Washoe, a household name among liberationists, whose teachers Alan and Beatrice Gardner first published their results in 1969. Ameslan is one of the many gestural languages, transmitted by rapid hand motions (or signing), developed for use by the deaf and dumb. Later investigators have used other systems such as plastic counters or keyboards. No speech is used (itself a problem since that is the feature common to all natural human languages) because of the intractability of the ape’s vocal chords.

The intuition that prompted the fruitless window-gazing was that the self, not unlike Singer’s view of pain or Dawkins’ of suffering, was some sort of primary mental experience inaccessible to all but its possessor. This is now in doubt. As if to underline this, the second moral is that the dog in our vignette was lost to the proceedings right at the start. If the short debate has taken the speaker some way towards selfrealisation, it has not helped the dog presumably because of its inability to contribute its views, or at least to agree with those of its owner.

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