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By Dave Isay

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StoryCorps travels the United States, amassing and keeping the tales of our lives. each one dialog is housed within the Library of Congress, and plenty of are broadcast on NPR’s Morning version, heard through thousands of listeners every one week. informed from the hearts, souls, and lives of person americans, those tales make us snicker, cry, imagine, think, and understand that we're all worthy hearing and remembering.

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Then you and I just wandered around the Lower East Side. Scott: We talked all night. When you went back to California, I dropped you off at the airport. I remember we stayed in the parking lot for a couple hours, like we were at some drive-in. We kept in touch by writing letters, and then we started making cassette tapes. I commuted into Manhattan, and I had a little Walkman, so on those one-hour commutes into town I would just interview anybody I saw. I would interview the brakeman on the subway.

You were twenty-six. Bill: I think you were nineteen. It was around Christmas vacation, and you’d gone off for a week. indd 26 7/19/11 3:54 PM FOUND You didn’t say no. ” You said, “Well, you’re Protestant and I’m Catholic,” and I said, “Oh, things like that don’t make any difference. ” And we did. We got married in Paris. Jane: Paris, Texas. That was an army camp then. We were married by the priest who was there at the time, in the chapel that’s long since been torn down—but the marriage lasted.

As I learned many years later, you thought that I had some mental disorder. ] Carol: I got the job, and as I was going about my business through the kitchen, you just kept staring at me. You wouldn’t stop looking at me! You were this scrawny guy with great big 1S blue eyes looking at me all the time and never saying anything. indd 29 7/19/11 3:54 PM ALL THERE IS Tomas: As I learned many years later, you thought that I had some mental disorder. ] Carol: I thought you were maybe a little slow, and I kind of felt sorry for you.

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