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By A. C.; Bell, Marjorie Jewett (editor) Jewett

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He was away at the time at his office, and didn't return till four in the afternoon. After greetings, we had tea and dried mulberries in his garden on the sunny side of the house. My room has a bedstead in it —first time I've slept on a spring mattress since in India. There is a manghal, a sort of charcoal brazier which is supplemented by an oil stove. For lights I have a big lamp on a stand, a lantern, and a candle. The mustofi's butler has supplied me with fruit and a plentiful amount to eat, and last night the mustofi kindly sent me a vase full of narcissus.

Halliday was a representative of a Calcutta steel company, which supplied all of the Amir's steel for bridges, buildings, and industry. ) f James Miller was a Scotchman employed by the Amir to build the Kabul woolen mills, a dam at Ghazni, and two or three golf courses. M. could not sleep. ) 25 AN AMERICAN ENGINEER IN AFGHANISTAN I'm all alone here and what with the cares of housekeeping and a few other things, such as dams and powerhouses, am fairly occupied. I'd like to have your mental picture of my surroundings to compare with the reality.

They are the Jews of Afghanistan. According to Islamic law, it is forbidden to charge interest, but there are other ways, and this does not affect charging for exchange. They have the best shops, most of them, in fact, and are the wealthiest merchants. A Muslim cannot compete with them; he is lazy, indifferent, and moreover a spendthrift. When Hindus begin to bury their treasures, it is a sign that there is trouble at hand, and a man prophesying trouble will confirm it by avowing that the Hindus are burying their treasures.

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