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Bohr's two main postulates were the following: 1. " In any one of these states the electrons perform orbital motions according to the laws of Newtonian mechanics, but (condo not trary to the predictions of classical electromagnetism) radiate so long as they remain in fixed orbits. 2. When the atom passes from one another, corresponding to stationary state to a change of orbit (a "quantum jump") by one of the electrons in the atom, radiation is emitted in the form of a photon. The photon energy is just the energy difference between the initial and final states of the atom.

Observation of Inelastically Scattered Electrons Using incident electrons of than is 28 31 1-9 needed to far greater kinetic energy excite atoms of a given kind, one can G. Hertz, Z. Phys. 22, 18 (1924). Direct evidence of discrete energy levels II- Fig. 7 vo Its ! 7 volts ing the excitation of S\ mercury vapor by electron 3650 3655 bombard- ment. 7V. Wavelengths are given in A. 69 (b) Partial term diagram for wj values (found by applying the RydbergRit: principle to the mercury spectrum) can be read from the scale at the right.

Thus we have lines are , t „(*) = Then if ! 2irWC» (l . 27) K a transition for all Vv should be a measure of one measures the frequency of the the different elements, the value of the effective central charge Q in each case. And what Mose- was that the graph of Vv against the chemical atomic number Z was a straight line (Figure l-17a). In Moseley's own words: "We have here a proof that there is in the atom a funley found damental quantity, which increases by regular steps as we pass 36 Simple models of the atom 20 25 30 35 Atomic Number (a) The Fig.

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